Exclusive brand
Exclusive brand of designer women's clothing original production. Wide price range
About company
The brand was created April 7, 2015 . The founder is media personality: Actress, TV presenter, Designer. This year is planning to release a film, by Federal channel , where the brand will be announced. Three of their own shows was hit of the seasons approved with several media personalities. Daily traffic on weekdays 3000 people, on weekends-8000-13000 people. WOver 2 years we have served around 45,000 people, including media personalities. We have also wide base of loyal customers including Sector B&C and B&B.
Our benefit
Recognition through personal brand
Quality of clothes and service
Without any investments in marketing, the company always recieves profit
The company is supported by a huge number of media personalities
Our team
Manager + Marketer + SMM Manager + Sales Manager
What are we investing for?
Scaled up
Increase production volume
Investing in promo
Project payback period
after investments is 3 years
Target audience: 25-42 years (with a monthly income of 40 000-150 000 rubles)
Monetization through the sale of clothing under its own brand: The average price 8 567 rubles
Assets subject to operation leases:
Security payment: 222 000 rubles
7 months rent/ 826 000 rubles
Storing goods in a warehouse: 2 689 000 rubles
Website: 160 000 rubles
Wild berries goods by sea: 700 000 rubles
Profitability: 12.3%
By investing 1 ruble,

buyer will get 34 rubles 54 kopecks, after 3 years

By investing 1 959 400 rubles,
the profit will be allocated as follows:
1 year-17 419 365 rubles

2 year-25 833 683 rubles

3 years-26 379 997 rubles

Result: 69 633 045 rubles

Why we need investments
Money will be spent :
Expendable material
Administrative expenses
Fixed charges:
Rent, Photo, software, Cleaning
What will you get?
Now 90 % of the shares that grow into 100 %
With the effective development of the company, involvement in management, in the future will belong to 100% of the share (will be a contract for 3 years, under which you will be the owner of remaining 10 %)
Security payment: 222 000 rubles
Queue for rent 7 months/ 826 000 rubles
Goods in stock: 2 689 000 rubles
Website: 160 000 rubles
Goods on shipment to Wildberries: 700 000 rubles
Profitability: 12.3%
Access to worldwide fashion shows and Pret-a-Port party

The brand collection exhibition will be held in Paris at the fashion show, in September 2018,
We always open for discussion please contact us
+7 910 437 72 30
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